Bringing Sunseeker yachts to USA... two at a time

Quality has a quality of its own, if you would excuse our pun. Nothing could be truer in regards to the Sunseeker brand; after all, it recently overtook Princess Yachts and became the #4 yacht builder company of the world, according to 2015 Global Order Book. A couple of weeks ago Rick Obey & Associates delivered two brand new Sunseekers to Marina Del Ray, California and as you can see we’ve just delivered another pair - single buyer for both, no less - to the east coast.

Sunseeker 48’ San Remo 2015 getting acquainted with american waters

The first, as you can see from the image above is a 48’ brand-new Sunseeker San Remo. A sleek cruiser that won the admiration of the Motor Boats Monthly back in 2013 for her stylish looks and exceptional manoeuvrability, soon followed by the coveted "Best Sprotscruiser over 45 ft at the Motor Boat Awards 2014".

Superb looks suggesting power and maneuverability are not just looks for the San Remo. It does deliver precision handling, great turning ability and impressive stability even in choppy waters. Being a Sunseeker it simply cannot avoid being comfy and luxurious on the inside, belying to some degree the association of its low profile with cramped quarters. Plenty of light inside with a well designed master cabin that is incredibly cozy. Four guests will feel right at home on this blend of a sport cruiser and weekend boat.

Brand new 28 Meter Sunseeker Yacht

The San Remo is perfect for charged weekends, no doubt about that. But if you need a mobile luxury hotel on water (i.e. extended range and extended capacity) you couldn’t get wrong with the 28 Meter Sunseeker Yacht.

Once you see the big dining area and a salon that just won’t quit (panoramic windows to blame, in part) you realize this yacht was meant to bring together socialites. Jacuzzi, sunpads, hydraulic aft platform and even a balcony are all part of the package and somehow expected aboard a Sunseeker of this class… The advantage of the 28 meter yacht is that you don’t need to think twice over your guest list; after all you can invite them wholesale: eight guests are easily accommodated aboard and you have berthing for up to four crewmembers.

Now this is the second pair of Sunseekers immigrating to US and - we are happy to gossip - there is another pair following suit! It seems that of late Rick Obey & Associates is bringing Sunseekers to the States … in pairs! Should we expect triplets soon? Want to bet?

If you do want a pair of Sunseekers you know where to find us. Call and we will arrange it!


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