Buying Services

A yacht is an important investment. It might be an emotional decision and also a significant financial one. The search for the right yacht requires professional guidance as well as personal insight.

We will be with you every step of the way, explaining the entire purchasing process from making an offer, to sea trial and survey.

Sunseeker Predator

A Rick Obey & Associates yacht broker will provide:

  • A very complex list of yachts to choose from and more time on your hands to look them;
  • Assistance for a better understanding of what you want and need that will help you in making the final decision;
  • A professional help in the negotiation phase of the project;
  • Qualified advice throughout the due diligence process of evaluating the chosen vessel;
  • Verification to see if the title to the vessel is clear;
  • References to the lenders best qualified to provide the necessary service.

Do not consider buying a yacht without the professional assistance of an experienced, licensed and bonded, qualified yacht broker.