Mia Ridky

Mia Ridky

Florida Yacht Broker Licensed

Office: 561-302-8766


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As a former Long Island native, Mia had the luxury of traveling around the east coast. She never knew that her summers spent in the Hamptons and Fite Island, where she dreamed of owning a boat herself, would turn into a reality.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in advertising, Mia enjoyed corporate jobs such as publishing for Random House & Harper Collins. However, this was never her true passion. Mia soon moved to Florida where she met her husband Rick Ridky who is an avid boater. Rick’s love for boating soon became Mia’s.

Her dream became a reality.

Mia and Rick own a Tiara together and travel extensively. Whether they spend a day at the dock or a month in the Bahamas, Mia’s smile is fully extended.

This passion is exactly what drives Mia to do well in yacht brokerage. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and happiness with others. Yacht sales has become a natural addition to Mia’s boating life. She is happy to help people learn what she loves.

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